Seed to Senior Program


senior-nutrition-jpg-pagespeed-ce-syzwuuj3pyOur new Seed to Senior Program was developed to try to meet the nutritional needs of our Seniors that are on assistance programs through the government. The assistance programs are greatly needed. However, we feel the addition of fresh local foods can greatly impact their health. We are working together with the Arkansas Hunger Alliance, The First United Methodist Church in Clinton, AR., and the White River Area Agency on Aging to meet this need. We grow a wide variety of vegetables and are adding another 20 or more raised beds at the church this Fall. We have also leased a wonderful place I call Paradise that has around 15 raised beds, many fruit trees and plenty of room to grow this Fall to add to the success of this program. Things are always changing and sometimes it is hard to keep up, but it is definitely worth the effort!

Our Daily Bread Program



Nobody can bake bread (in the husband’s opinion) like my wife, Jackie Sikes. That is why I am so glad the she has decided to share this bread with the Seniors. There is not any produce to give during the winter months, so she’s gonna bake them bread. She never stops giving! We have had a handful of great people join us to support this program by giving 20.00 per month to sponsor a senior in this program. It has started off slow, but I think this program has enormous potential to make many seniors happy! Please donate to this program through our Facebook page if you are interested.

New Hours at the Market


Why are we changing the hours that the Market and Cafe is open you may ask? Many changes have taken place at the market over the years. We have discovered things that have worked and have not worked through trial and error just as every business does. Our mission has also evolved over the years from meeting the needs of local farmers to meeting the needs of our seniors in need. Our time has been divided among our new programs to balance our work instead of spending all of our time operating the Greater Good Cafe. Jackie and I just don’t have the number of volunteers needed yet to carry out all the things needed to be done. We don’t want to run off the great volunteers we have already. So when you see the market doors closed, this doesn’t mean we aren’t plugging away at the programs at hand. So we hope you take advantage of the three days that we are open by stopping by and having lunch with us. Your support during lunch time helps us be more self supportive without having to worry about fundraisers during the year. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. Those of you that give to the market on a regular basis are truly angels to us. You really don’t know what kind of and impact that you have made on our success! So give us a all or stop by the market to see what ways you can volunteer to join our mission. If you would like to donate, you can do so right from our facebook page through paypal.